Majorca training camp – April 2018

Back in Sept ’17, my good pal Jamie and I decided it’d be a great idea to spend a couple of weeks in Majorca next Spring. Most training camps are 7 – 10 days for a good reason. I imagine because for us mere mortals it’s a tall order to put together big training days consecutively for much longer than that. Or maybe it’s just that most people have proper jobs and can only take a certain amount of time off work. I’m sure there’s truth in both. But he, being a teacher, and myself being part time / self employed, got stuck in and booked our flights and AirBnB in Alcudia for 15 days.

Swing round March 2018 and the three of us (we decided Jamie’s wife, pro triathlete Kate Comber, had better come too) were counting down the days to departure. The #BeastFromTheEast and general shit weather had resulted in a far too deep a relationship being formed with the turbo. Oh to ride in shorts and a jersey. We were utterly gagging to go.

We left the the drizzle of Brizzle and arrived at out flat by lunch. A couple of hundred meters from the beach, this was lush.

And what a stonking couple of weeks it was. Loads of time in the saddle exploring this cycle heaven. Beautiful roads, warm temps, considerate drivers. It was bliss. Alcudia was pretty perfect a base to have: head north through Pollensa and you’ve got incredible mountain roads and endless hours or climbs and sweeping descents. Head south and there’s loads of flat-land to get acquainted with the TT bars. We mostly headed for the hills, with some TT-specific sessions thrown in when needed.

My favourite ride was this one from Andratx to Alcudia. The MA10 coastal ride is epic and I’d encourage anyone who visits to do it. Even just in a car. We skipped Sa Colabra on this occasion because a). we’d done it a couple of days before and weren’t massive fans of the buses squeezing up and down and b). we were too tired. Mainly b.


The sea swimming was lush, if a little chilly at 13-14 degrees. Swimming took a bit of a back-seat in Majorca! Despite being cold, the sea was lush but with all the biking and solid run mileage, we were often too tired to take a dip. Still, the water was clear, mostly calm and swimming without staring at a black line was lovely. I haven’t done as much swimming as I’d have liked over winter, but getting into the open water reminded me why I love it so much. This was massively helped by the HUUB Albacore. It feels incredible. Buoyant, comfortable and flexible, it’s an absolute beast in the water and turns a very average swimmer into….well, a better than very average swimming!

Dreamy waters in a cracking suit

Running was all good. Again, I didn’t do quite as much as I’d liked, but the runs I did get in were great quality, and the few ~8 mile race-pace brick runs off the longer, harder bike sets were good confidence boosters. I now feel better running off the bike than running fresh!

Some stats from the camp:

  1. Days training: 14
  2. Rest days: 2
  3. Swim meters: 10,800m (oops…swimming isn’t that important in an Ironman, is it?)
  4. Bike miles: 802
  5. Run miles: 65
  6. Everests climbed: 2 (well, nearly…46000ft)
  7. Calories burned: 39,000
  8. Total training time: 56:30 hours
  9. Average daily training: 4 hours
  10. Gu gels necked: 38
  11. KGs of peanut butter consumed: 1
  12. Emergency trips to KFC: 1
  13. Punctures: 0. From a cumulative of 2,400 miles, that’s kudos to Continental Tyres…or the quality of Majorca’s roads
  14. Weight lost: 0kg. Unsurprising given #11.
  15. Number of numb nuts: 0 (thanks Fizik Mistica saddle – review here)

Brilliant couple of weeks, great company. Now very tired.


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