Looking ahead to 2018

Now the disappointment of not racing Weymouth 70.3 has (almost) passed, it’s all eyes on 2018. How far away it seems, yet I’m relishing it already.

The whole breathing thing is…well, it’s not getting a whole heap better, but I’m seeing some (seriously slow) improvement by combining antihistamines with inhalers. Despite the gradual improvement, it’s hard to be jubilant not knowing exactly what it is. It’s neither exercise-induced asthma nor an allergy. I’m still hoping for a diagnosis, but while that seems to take forever, I’m happy to be doing some decent S&C and taking my first few strides and pedal strokes without being reduced to a coughing, gasping, dribbling mess.

come on

2018 is all about long course racing. No more faffing around in 70.3’s. I say ‘faffing’ only because it’s just not my distance. I’ll never be up there with the 1:15 half marathon club. I’ve spent a couple of years racing Olympic and 70.3 in order to get some speed into my slow-twitch fibres to set me up for the longer game. Time to see what racing over the long course is like.

Strangely, the more I’ve raced over 70.3 distance, the more nervous I am about racing full distance. To be competitive at age group level you have to be hitting some fairly meaty numbers.

I’m going to live in la-la land and set some lofty (aka unrealistic ‘get your head out the clouds’) goals over the next few weeks.

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