Slateman Triathlon

Courtesey of the brilliant Sponge Race Team, I was offered a free entry to the Always Aim High Events Slateman Triathlon, about 4 weeks prior to the event. This worked out pretty well as it’d be a good hit-out 3 weeks pre-ETU 70.3 Champs. I’d done little hill work, but I wasn’t going to Llanberis to do anything other than nail a great training session on what I’d heard was a cracking race. It didn’t disappoint!

Swim – 16:01
It was bloody freezing. That’s literally all I remember. On checking out my Garmin the following day, the chilly temps had clearly affected my vision as I’d swum anything but straight.

Bike – 1:26.37
What a corker of a course. Heading out of Llanberis, straight up the pass and over to Capel Curig. Back down the valley and round to town again. It was undulating but pretty fast, once over the pass. The road was closed to traffic up the pass, but was freely flowing own the valley for the rest of the route. Which was a shame…tourists meandering along got in the way and, despite being told not to, I couldn’t resist overtaking a few Sunday drivers as we smashed down the valley. I saw a couple of others do it too and hey, it’s fairer than drafting, no?

Run – 52:10
Again, the run course didn’t disappoint. After a couple of miles of flat / slight downhill, we were treated to a climb up an old quarry before some wicked technical trails back to the lake. About 9km all in I think. I felt great going uphill, surprisingly, and ran hard down.

Overall – 2:37.30
I was pleased with a solid 16th overall behind some fairly handy athletes. Until I realised I’d be DQ’d for ‘Dangerous Riding’. Pah. Turns out I wasn’t so sneaky overtaking those cars. Oh well, I was pleased with a solid bike and was pleased with my leg strength on the run. Onwards to Herning.


Coming into the finish, feeling great after a solid run:

Slateman finish

Last few weeks before Challenge Herning.

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